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PEGASUS SPIELE:  €12.99 online  2-6 players. I see no reason why you cannot play solo except that you then have nobody to bounce ideas off, no one but yourself to blame for following the Red Herrings
In this new UNDO puzzler, Michael Palm & Lukas Zach weave Story anew with this mind-melting, riddle riddled, semi subtle series of conundrums.

UNDO: LONG LIVE the KING is a real twisty-turner of a mystery. You can play solo or with a group of friends, though 2-6 players is the recommended number. 

The artwork on the UNDO games just keeps getting better and we can thank Lea Fröhlich for the spectacular atmospheric illustrations here, especially the backs of the main deck of cards, it's so brightly gothic - I know that's an oxymoron but just look inside some of the major Gothic buildings in the world: Notre Dame (Rheims/Reims) is a great example. The game is set in the Chivalrous era of England, the mid-13th Century. LONG LIVE the KING is an absorbing, beguiling, stimulating, captivating and fascinating story of love, deceit, power and anger, everything a 13th Century drama could and should have.

Editor's note: by looking up Notre Dame on Google I discovered that it isn't actually in Paris as I have believed for 60+ years. I know I went to Paris when Fran and I were first married and we walked around it using the sight-seeing tourist map that shows wide yellow roads and large illustrations of the places/buildings of interest. We definitely saw the Notre Dame Cathedral (I have photos to prove it) but I hadn't realised we had crossed from Paris into Reims to do so. Live and learn!

The words LONG LIVE the KING! are usually preceded by The KING is DEAD! but with this excellent UNDO adventure it's a case of 'is he?' If he is or if he isn't, then you, as intrepid detectives, the Weavers of Fate, can step through the looking-glass of time and put together the string of events that lead to the possiblly impending conclusion.


Each of the card stories in the time-frame lead up to card #13 'the Place of Execution' which may or may not be what you are trying to or trying not to reveal. An execution is a definite possibility but it's not a foregone conclusion, or is it? The investigation begins after you have read through the opening cards in order, back and front, and then had your leader read out card #12. After this you can select any of the Story cards (#1-#13) without worrying too much about their given date, thus you can look backwards or forwards in time.

Depending on how you lay out the cards, connected to the the first 11 Story cards there are 3 Story cards #1 A,  #1 B, #1 C etc. After reading the Story card the players are presented with A. B. or C. possible answers. They select the one they believe best continues the story as they would have it flow and then take that Story card and read it aloud. This will give you additional information and a score from negative to zero to a positive number - you are looking to get positive numbers.

We usually set out the cards in rows of 6 and 7 (rather than one long single row of 13 cards) leaving enough room above and below each card to place the associated Clue cards. These are numbered according to which Story card they may/may not influence, and you can only look at four of them (plus the free one at Story card #12) during the game.

As Weavers of Fate you have to read and understand each Story card and clue that you read. In LONG LIVE the KING you are also given RUMOUR cards which you can read out loud whenever you feel the time is right. Rumours can offer different views on various occurrences and situations. They certainly add food for thought and may include additional twists and insights to the story you have so far built up in your collective minds. Rumour cards are not a regular deck in the UNDO games.

As I said earlier, and I'm sure you would already have conceived from my description of the ABC cards, the idea is to score Positive points, the higher the better. It is possible to solve the puzzle/s and still lose, but I'm not going to mention the threshold you need to cross.

UNDO games take about an hour to play and are perfect ending games for the latter part of any games session. Unfortunately they can only be played once, but that is reflected in the low cost, and they are always new to players who haven't been on the investigation before. They are excellent for Games Cafes, Games Clubs, and to give to Games Players as gifts. The players need to have no knowledge of the historical era each UNDO is set in, and also need not to be regular games players. Anyone who can read and deduce can play. In fact, being a core gamer or newbie is of no advantage or disadvantage.

I have not found a dull story to UNDO yet. There has been one where all the players, with a little help from each other, solved the puzzle way before we reached the end of the game, but not this one. We won/failed is how we concluded our 60 minutes (we take a little longer than absolutely necessary because we make notes and are learning to play for reviews) of LONG LIVE the KING!

It is an intriguing and all encompassing storyline which truly entertains the atmosphere of Middle Age England as we have comne to know it through movies, books and television.    The UNDO series introduced via a Pegasus Spiele YouTube video

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