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Hues and Clues is a great little time passing game. It is not a deep, heavy Euro-game, but it is certainly fun.

A game that tests how closely you and the other players think, the board is made up of 480 coloured squares, each a slight shade lighter or darker than its neighbours a score track and grid reference (around the outside edges). When it is your turn, you draw a card that has 4 different colours on, along with their specific location on the board. You choose one of these colours and give the other players a one word clue so that they may guess the colour. This clue cannont be a basic colour (yellow, green etc.) or be the coordinates for the colour on the board ( it is quite surprising how many variants of colour names there are, and how so many people think of those colours differently)


Once you have given your one word clue, each player puts his pawn on the colour they think you chose. Next you can give a two word clue, again following the rules for clues as in the one word clue. If the other players so choose, they can move their pawn onto a new colour. After everyone has their pawn on a final location, you put the 3-D scoring square onto the board, with your colour as the middle square.


Anyone who picked the right colour scores 3 points, anyone within the square, but not on the right colour scores 2 points, any pawns touching one of the 16 squares touching the scoring square scores 1 point, and finally as the clue giver you score 1 point for each pawn within the walls of the score square (so decent clues help you score). The first player to score a pre-dertermined number of points, or highest score after everyone has been the clue giver a fixed number of times is the winner.


Hues and Clues is very much a no go game for colour blind players, as they would (obviously) be at a massive disadvantage, also, although not a problem at our table, i think players need to share a common language, even possibly down to common dialect, as words mean different things just a county away, let alone a country away.

Overall a fun party game, time filler, one to play with the family.




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