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This is a 2-player game with one player controlling the Police and the other player driving the getaway car. There is no actual board, this is made up from tiles laid by each player, one trying to box the Driver in and the other trying to find a way out of the City.


The parameters of your table are the edges of the cityscape so that tiles with roads leading off the table are escape routes. The Driver takes the Pursuit Meter and the Police have a Reference card, Police Vehicles and a lot of other fun things. The Driver has two tasks, reach and collect pre-scattered Stash Tokens and escape.

All tiles, except the Start and Escape City, are thrown into the Black Sack and well mixed. The Setup rules in the booklet are easy to follow and already you feel that the Driver is in big trouble as there is a Police car just two tiles away.

Each City tile played has road and/or driving conditions on it that affect the game when played. Traffic lights, Midtown cross roads, No through roads etc. Some of the tiles have the Polizia Badge on them. This means that the Police have the area under surveillance. When one of these tiles is flipped over and the Badge revealed the Police player gains Enforcement tokens.


Enforcement Tokens can be spent on various ways to upgrade the Police Force, such as bringing extra Police cars, a Motorbike, an Armoured Truck or a helicopter to join in the chase, or spikes and barricades to slow down the Getaway Driver. The pursuit meter moves to the right depending on situations and circumstances. If it reaches the Red light the Driver has been caught.


Basically this is an exciting race around and through a European City. The Police decide how the road layout appears, the Driver decides which way to continue - left, right or straight on. The Driver has stashes (token randomly tossed onto the table before the race begins) where pieces of useful equipment can be located.

The Driver has the coolness of James Bond and Bullitt and the stunt abilities to match. Handbrake turns, Jamming the Police Radar system, Sidewalk driving and driving on 2 wheels are just a few of them.


When laying tiles, the Police player draws the necessary number from the bag and, after studying them, places them face down so they are filling in the empty gaps from the last tile, front, left and right, so usually three tiles but sometimes, if the road is a dead-end, then only one or two tiles can be placed.

The Police always lay tiles face down, they never flip them over. Police cars can drive 'off-road' which means empty spces that have arisen during play, counting the empty space as a regular tile that has nothing special on it.


Only the Driver can flip tiles over, and he/she has to do so without first looking at the tile - remember their car is going so fast that they haven't the time to check the road ahead for hazards.


We really have great fun with GETAWAY DRIVER, though to date it is Police 5 Driver 0 (but very close on 2 occasions). As the tiles that make up the City landscape are drawn randomly the terrain is different every game, though of course, the game is still played out in the same manner.

Online I have seen Getaway Driver for a ridiculously high price of £39.62 and a much more like it price of £17.10. There is also available a Streets of Turin board insert for £8.52, Great fun for those who enjoy 2 player chaos.

Here is the official video of the game GETAWAY DRIVER

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