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If you like, really like, simple dice-rolling activities that is fun for all ages (okay, they have to be able to recognise colours and illustrations) then Ghostblitz Dice will definitely not disappoint. This brilliant, amusing game will be remembered by me (for as long as my memory continues to remember) as the game that finally convinced me I am not as young as I like to think I am.

 The original Ghost Blitz with cards and figures.

First off, it is a remake of the Geistes Blitz card game. Instead of a deck of cards five separately coloured, one side different from each, dice have been included. The actual wooden figures that represent the house items have not been altered and are still of visual high quality.

Designed by Jacques Zeimet, as was the card version, Ghost Blitz Dice can be played by 2, up to 8, players, in under 30 minutes. The rulebook is in several languages, including English, so no having to search the internet or use Google Translate. Zoch are excellent at including such rules booklets/pages.

It is fast, it is furious, it is a grabbing game, and it is dumbfoundingly confusing for my single brain cell. Everybody that I have played it with have no problem deducting which piece they are supposed to grab first, it's the speed of thought then the speed of the grab, that counts. While they all dive towards the one correct piece, I sit there with my little grey cell bouncing around in the dark.


Despite it being a kids game, and we being (supposedly) adults, none of us, and that includes me, can stop laughing when playing, laughing so hard it hurts as we each grab for what we think is the correct figure, and I end up grabbing the one that is farthest away from correct as possible. I have to admit in cases like this I don't mind being the butt of the laughter, heck I often start it myself.

Secondly, it is a kid's game from ZOCH zum SPIELEN, which, as regular readers and visitors to Games Gazette Magazine and Online will know, means that we have found, once again, a children's game which adults (there's that word again) find more amusing and enjoyable.


There isn't an actual lot to say about Ghostblitz Dice except that for some, possibly totally illogical reason, it is a lot of fun, for all. It has a mechanic which is simply each player taking it in turn to roll the 5 dice, and then all players look at (but never touch) the dice, and from the face up results, determine which figure to grab.

The rules are so easy. One player rolls the 5 dice and all players dive in hastily to grab the wooden figure identified within the dice roll. The dice and wooden figures match up one to one, but none of the die has on a side the wooden figure of the die's colour.
1 Red die and 1 Red Chair, but no Chair on the Red die.
1 Blue die and 1 Blue Book, but no Book on the Blue die.
1 Green die and 1 Green Bottle, but no Bottle on the Green die.
1 Grey die and 1 Grey Mouse, but no Mouse on the Grey die.
1 White die and 1 White Ghost, but no Ghost on the White die.


How does everyone, except me, know which wooden figure to grab?

Once the dice are rolled the first thing the players have to look for is how the die faces have landed.
Please note that my photos here do NOT depict the examples. I took them to show that each die is one face different from the others.

In the first example the players have to be the first to grab the wooden figure which is shown on the die that is the colour of the most common figure (I have played this maniacal game many times and I still can't get my head around this - kids do, even my wife does, (she is younger than me) but by the time I have worked it out someone has already grabbed it.

Example: 1. (believe me this works in everyone's noggin except mine): The dice are rolled and the results are:
Red = Ghost
Blue = Bottle
White = Chair
Green = Chair
Grey = Book
Which wooden figure should you grab?

The second example has two sets of pairs so no common figure.

Example 2. (I understand this one but am not quick enough): The dice are rolled and the results are:
Red = Bottle
Blue = Bottle
White = Chair
Green = Chair
Grey = Book
Which wooden figure should you grab?

The third of my examples shows all dice with different faces. 

Example 3. (This is by far the easiest roll to work out, but you need quick eye/hand coordination to be successful, plus a brain that can calculate at speed.) The dice are rolled and the results are:
Red = Mouse
Blue = Bottle
White = Chair
Green = Ghost
Grey = Book
Which wooden figure should you grab?


As the game progresses the players get one Yellow Tablet everytime they grab the correct piece. If someone grans the correct piece and other players grab incorrect pieces, those who grabbed incorrectly have to give a Tablet to the player who grabbed right. It is possible that several players grab wrong pieces and no one grabs the correct piece (especially when there are less players than pieces) then everyone has to pay a Tablet to a jackpot which will be given to the player who next guesses correctly.

Example 1. The Chair is the most common figure. The Chair figure is Red and the Red die shows the Mouse.
Example 2. There are 2 x Bottles and 2 x Chairs so no common figure, The odd die is Grey which shows the Book.
Example 3. All dice show a different figure. So no figure is common. The Ghost is on the Green die, the Green figure is the Bottle.

The winner is the player with the most Tablets once there are no more Tablets in supply. But to be perfectly honest everyone who plays is a winner.

I absolutely love the artwork of Gabriela Silveira on the Box, Rulebook and Dice.

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