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FLIPSIDE by Andy Hopwood

FOUR games using a single 40 card deck. These games include a Solo player game and a game of Pairs. The 40 cards are coloured and numbered on both sides. The numbers on both sides range from 1-8 and and the cards have been specifically designed to ensure players have an idea of which number will be seen when each card is flipped.

When cards are played onto the table they are never flipped, the reverse should remain hidden, although players will have some idea what can be on the reverse.

For 2-4 players Aged 8+

The game is played using a central pool of cards that is created from the deck by placing 5 cards per player. Players are NOT dealt a hand of cards. Choose a Start Player and play then goes clockwise until a winner declares. To win, after a player has taken their action, and before the next player has their turn, the 'at turn' player must have face up cards in front of them the values of which added together equal exactly the sum of the cards in the central pool.

This sounds simple but the players available actions, of which they may only perform one in a turn, and MUST perform one before they can declare a win, makes this 10-15 minute game a solid mental arithmetic test.

The number on each card will:

NEVER be one less as the number on the other side (eg. 1, 2, or 3 cannot be on the back of a '2')

NEVER be one more than the number on the other side (eg 5s can only have 7 or 8 and 6 can only have an 8)

NEVER be the same as the number on the flipside.

Cleverly thought out, FLIPSIDE has cards that are plain and simple to understand. Each card has the same design and each single number is on the same colour, eg: All 1s are Red, all 4s are Green etc. The colours are there just to make the game look bright and attractive, they have no other meaning in the game and therefore it is of no concern that they do not have different symbols to aid colourblind people.

Easily slipped into a coat or jeans pocket, this is a good time-filler to carry with you wherever you go.

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