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UNDO Games from Pegasus Spiel are fabulous one-off, one hour sessions - though it's quite possible you will stretch the 60 minutes by the odd 15-30 minutes; with great games there is no time limit on having fun.

Each UNDO game (so far) is setup to play the same way, using the same mechanic. Thirteen 'Story' cards are laid out in numerical and chronical order  on the table - we usually place a row of 6 and a row of 7.  Above these are placed three smaller cards, marked A, B & C, letter side up (you mustn't look at the flip side). Below each Story card a specified Clue card is placed. 

Every Story card has a Date, an Age, a Time and a Location. It is up to the players to decide which nine of the 12 Story cards they will read - the 12th (of the 13) Story cards is always the Starting point and read first to set the puzzle in motion. There are 9 Time cards and 4 Clue (Magnifying Glass) cards - there is no information on either the Time or Clue cards, they are simply counters.

Reading the 12th card you discover the circumstances of death. It is January 29th 1994 at 11 minutes past 8 in the evening. A grey haired old-lady 'falls' over the balcony of the 5th Floor of an Hotel. She is holding a tuft of hair and gently smiling as she hits the ground and expires, a scream echoes from above .....

Now you are ready to attempt to weave fate anew and change history.

Read a Story card, then select A. B or C from the options it offers and take the associated card from those set above the card you just read. This will give you a score for your decision.

The UNDO stories are always interesting and eventually logical. As players you can read the Story cards in any order, going way back to the beginning, in this story that is 1355 B.C. Thebes. Upper Egypt, or choosing any date and time (available) in-between. You must discard a Time card for each Story card you read and your game ends when you use the last Time card.

To aid you there are Clues, but you can only look at 4 of these, and they must be ones at locations you are currently visiting or have visited before. Many of these clues you will already have guessed them from the Story cards - they generally confirm what you think you know.

When your time is up you count the points on the selected A. B & C cards and check your score against the Story score on one of the end-game cards. 

With a cost of around €15.00 these are one-off games. Once you have played through and read the final pages you have the knowledge, so any further playing would be pointless as you already know the answers to the puzzle. As they are card games where the cards are barely touched (so extremely unlikely to be damaged) they are ideal games to pass on to friends and family. 



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