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SUSSED games arrived on the scene over 10 years ago, with AFTER DARK 2 launching in 2011, and all under the GAMES to GET publishing logo. Now they are making waves again on the games market as the tsunami of similar genre games continually pound into games and department stores.

The SUSSED series of games can be found online at and they are all decks of cards in pocketable packs; so great for taking out with you. They can be played almost anywhere (as long as there is light to read the cards) and you have 3+ friends (with you making 4) to play with. The games play up to 8 for various age ranges, depending on the topic, but even more can join in or you can play in partnerships. Simply put SUSSED are mirth filled Q & A games for players who enjoy a little intimate fun.

SUSSED AFTER DARK 2 (I can find no mention online of After Dark or After Dark 1 - so even the name appears to be part of the mystery) is for up to 8 players who like things to be a little saucier, taking the intimacy just that little bit further. There are probably a number of party games that use somewhat similar mechanics, but my entry into the Reader and Guessers genre of games came via the 1999 publication of Apples to Apples. I can remember games of A2A or similar being played with friends with the alcohol flowing freely and the suggested answers to bland questions getting sillier and dafter as each glass was consumed - this happened once or more during our social evenings.

What we never dreamed of is that ten years later (2009) a game would appear that would take the World by storm, or indeed break it apart with it's total disregard for just about anything. A game that had all of the naughty/rudeness that we, and I am sure hundreds of other gamers in their social sessions, had enjoyed. These sessions usually began as a straightforward regular game and developed alcoholically into a riot of belly-aching laughter. I am not suggesting this is how 'Cards Against Humanity' came about - it could have been a serious discussion or brain-storming meeting to purposefully create a new card game, or it could have been an evening of rambunctious hilarity (which is how I like to think/hope it happened).

Anyway the chat about A2A and CAH is to point out the two extremes of the Reader and Guessers genre. Two years after CAH (2011) Games To Get launched their own 'Adult' version of SUSSED; AFTER DARK 2. This is aimed at adults and teens aged 17 and over. It is a softened game of rudeness that doesn't come anywhere near the explicitness of CAH but introduces more adult content than any of the other SUSSED games. The majority of the immorality in SUSSED; AFTER DARK 2 is centred around sex, sexual acts, positions, would you?, have you? and as such they touch sensitive/private events of the developing lives of the players; and thus the fun begins.

It's hilarious to see the expressions on couples faces when one of them gives away a 'truth' of their relationship, things that had perhaps been locked away in a mental box and (so they thought) and the key thrown away.

So, a little more (hopefully enough) about the game play. 
The SUSSED games use numerous game mechanics. Not always the same ones in each set but all of them can be applied to any of the sets. There are three different Rules cards for playing AFTER DARK 2; players take turns in being The Reader. The Actor or The Ice-Breaker.
The Reader takes a Scenario card and speaks aloud one of the questions, followed by the three answers A  B and C. The Reader then secretly selects the A B or C card from their own cards and places it face down on the table - this represents the possible answer that is nearest to the truth (unless you are including a house-rule of bluffing) - the other players, the Sussers, also secretly select an A B or C card of their own - what they believe the Reader will have chosen. Sussers also have a Joker card which is a one shot, use it and lose it, that can be added to their guess.

If a Susser guesses correctly they gain 1 point. If they guessed correctly and used their Joker they get 2 points. The Reader doesn't score any points. Sussers can argue with the Reader in attempts to get them to change their minds. Threat, Plea, Offers, are all legal attempts. Violence is frowned upon, though a nipple or ear-twist, skin pinch, rib dig, ankle kick etc have been known to bring results - of course we do not advocate causing anyone pain, it's not nice!

The other two game styles (mechanics) are fun variations on the main game and should only be considered once you have played AFTER DARK 2 a few times or you are a regular SUSSED player.

SUSSED: AFTER DARK 2 is good (un)clean fun for consenting adults who like a bit of improper impropriety without resulting to high-level profanity or absolute nastiness. It can be played to help dissolve the 'goody-two-shoes' and/or 'holier-than-thou' attitudes some people might (not even realise they) have.

Found online at more than reasonable prices between £9.00 and £12.00 by a quick Google search.

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