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ADRENALINE is a boardgame that is based on the many and various First-Person shooters found on the PC and Consoles. It is a rip-roaring hoot of a game where players control one of the five top combatants in a randomly designed combat arena, fighting to the death, then to the death and to the death etc. If you hadn't guessed by that first statement player's heroes die then respawn and carry on fighting, just like in the computer/electronic games. There is only one object of play, to score the most points but unlike the electronic games when you get hurt in ADRENALINE you actually get better at fighting, at least until you die.

The combatants are D-Structor (the Yellow smiley-face), Banshee (the Turquoise karaoke singer), Dozer (the Grey covert operator who isn't sure what covert means), Violet (the Purple shooting instructor) and Sprog (the Texan Greenhorn). The plastic miniatures are not the most detailed you will ever see but they are much better than having stand-up cards or flat counters plus they are, each in their own way, quite amusing pieces - especially D-Structor.


As well as the five models there are two double-sided boards which unfold and butt together to form the Arena; it doesn't matter which sides are used as you always get a good connected but compact labyrinth.The rules show the four possibilities of Arena and suggest which set ups are best for 3-4, 4-5 or any number of players. To be perfectly honest we ignored this because there is very little difference in the number of chambers for each setup, and besides there are pieces of equipment that can assist you getting around the board at speed, plus there are weapons that can shoot through walls and around corners - I said this was a fun game!










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