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Big Book of Madness   Dragon & Flagon   VS System Marvel 2PCG    Band of Brothers (Bolt Action 2nd ed.)  

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Shadows of Esteren

Puppetland  Horror Adventures  Rifts Heroes of Humanity   Harn   Leagues of Gothic Horror. . The Emerald Spire.   

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Lego Dimensions Revisited  Furi  Starship Corporation  Paragon  Syndrome  Galaxy of Trian  Mantis Burn  Cabals  Lego Dimensions Pix
Senran Kagura Bon Appetit  Talent Not Included 

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   Games Cafe in Liverpool  

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Essex Warriors: The Essex Warriors Open Day  Sunday September ? 2017  Writtle Village Hall  Essex 10am-4pm All Welcome - participation games and other fun games. A lovely day out for all (games playing) ages. GGO will be at this event.Writtle Village  -  The village and civil parish of Writtle lies 1 mile west of Chelmsford, Essex, England. It has a traditional village green complete with duck pond and a Norman church 

UKGamesExpo    Birmingham  June 2017    NEC Hall 1 and NEC Hilton Hotel.  HOTELS for UKGE

SALUTE at ExCel London 22nd April 2017  South London Warlords

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Essex Legion: The Essex Legion is a games club in Hornchurch, Essex. We have pre-organised gaming, as well as free tables so you can just turn up and play. Head to facebook for more details, even join the group.    

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