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Boardgames & TCGs: 
Race to the North Pole. The Last Spike. Broom Service. Zambesi. Across Africa.  Dr Eureka.  Nitro Glyxerol. Raptor 2-player. Catan Traveling Edition. No Thanks. Little Red Riding Hood. 6 nimmt!. Three Is Too Many. Retro Loonacy. T.I.M.E.Stories. Antarctica. Rings Up! Porta Nigra. Generalship. OM Nom Nom. Isle of Skye. TY Friends. GobbleStones. Minions Throwing Game. Spinderella. Council of Four. Monsters Tower. Z War One. St Petersburg 2nd Edition. Batman Fluxx plus Video review.

PC Console and iMedia
Sorcery. Order of the Thorne: King's Quest. ProPinBall Timeshock Ultra. Just Flight New. Dungeon Siege III. 
Snoopy Town Tale on Android. Epsilon First Look. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate. Rebel Galaxy. 
Rise: Battle Lines. Skyhill. Sheltered. Return Null.Turmoil. Clandestine. Ceres.  
Skyshines Bedlam. 

Bizantium. The Emerald Spire. Palladium Books. Latest News from Harn, Columbia and Paizo Pathfinder RPG. Heroes of the Storm (Mind Warrior/Tactic)

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All kinds of games, both online and not, provide challenges. For example, poker requires strategy,
psychology and math, whilst
cards can often be just pure luck. Both are enjoyed by gamers worldwide. 
Board, card and strategy games provide challenges but have you tried the challenge of poker?  

Minecraft Revised. Madden 16 Guide. Infinity Lost. The Girl in the Spider's Web. Destiny Guide.GTA V Bradybooks.

Tabletop: (Figures & Wargames)  
Freebooters Fate. Unconditional Surrender. Mars Attacks. Empire of the Dead. Guild Ball. GMT Wargames. Ax Faction. Ristuls Extraordinary Market - Resin Scenery. Golem Arcana. Wasteman kickstarter. GMT Dambusters. Jupiter Rescue.  

How To Paint Zombicide Figures. UKGE 2016 Booking Open. Star Wars Clothing. Midnight Syndicate's Christmas. Van Helsing's Curse. Battlemodels.
Arctic Union. Gadget Show 16. ONE Headphones. Xmas Wear. Kickstarter IMportant Message. 
Thrustmaster T300RS Driving-Wheel.  TWJO.

WARLORDS of DRAENOR - A feature on World of Warcraft.  EARTHCORE BETA  REGISTER HERE   or  EMAIL for details   
Hearthstone: Blizzard's New TCG Online. Darkout beta. Dust 514. Guild Wars 2. Invictus.

Essex Warriors: The Essex Warriors Open Day  September 2016  Writtle Village Hall 10am-4pm All Welcome - participation games all day include War games and other fun games. Plus there's a village pub next door and a village pond with hundreds of ducks and a Heron to see (feeding not allowed). A lovely day out for all (games playing) ages. GGO will be at this event.

UKGamesExpo Birmingham 3rd June to 5th June 2016 NEC Hall 1 and NEC Hilton Hotel. Gaming Tickets Now on Sale

SPIEL ESSEN 2016 - OCTOBER 13th - 16th  Spiel Website     "Please check "Specials"      Email:

GenCon Indy   August 4-7, 2016   August 17-20, 2017   August 2-5, 2018  August 1-4, 2019  July 30 – August 2, 2020

Essex Legion: The Essex Legion is a new games club in Hornchurch, Essex. We have pre-organised gaming, as well as free tables so you can just turn up and play. Head to facebook for more details, even join the group.  Website: and Forums:  Essex Legion now has a Web Store, take a look here

Midnight Syndicate Music for Gamers    Midnight Syndicate Live Youtube Video   Fan Musings and Music                      



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