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Boardgames   & TCGs 
Carcassonne Gold Rush. CDMC 3000. Medieval Academy. Just Desserts. Pegasus Spiele Kickstarter News about Dwarves Guardians Chronicles. G3 Urban Panic. Dragons of Tarkir Event Deck and Intro Decks for MtG. Heat. Red 7. Realm of Wonder. Grog Island. IVOR the Engine. DRUM.Com Trivia. MtG: Fate Reforged. Adventure Tours. The PORT. AquaSphere. Evolution. CTHULHU!!!  Star Trek Catan. Federation Space. Ilium. Empire Express. SPIKE. Snake Oil (Amigo) Ready to Rock. Flea Marketeers. Thunder Alley. Crap or Slap! Geister, Geister, Schatzsuchmeister!  El Gaucho. Frankenstein's Bodies. The Hare & the Tortoise. 

PC & Console 
Technobabylon. In My Radio. Kitty Powers. Tower of Guns. Star Drive II. Etherium. Oceanhorn.
Knossos; Depths of Fear. Coffin Dodgers. Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock. Decay: the Mare. 
Pix the Cat. Satellina iOS. 80 (Eighty) Days. Blackguards 2. Destiny. 
Assassins Creed Rogue. 

The Emerald Spire. Palladium Books. Latest News from Harn, Columbia and Paizo Pathfinder RPG. Heroes of the Storm (Mind Warrior/Tactic)

These website links are under site-controlled Entry is for 18 year olds and older and is at your own volition  
All kinds of games, both online and not, provide challenges. For example, poker requires strategy,
psychology and math, whilst cards can often be just pure luck. Both are enjoyed by gamers worldwide. 
Board, card and strategy games provide challenges but have you tried the challenge of poker?  

Destiny Guide.GTA V Bradybooks.Vic Armstrong Autobiography.  The Mongoliad Books One and Two. Bradygames Tomb Raider.   

Tabletop: (Figures & Wargames)  
GMT Wargames. Ax Faction. Ristuls Extraordinary Market - Resin Scenery. Golem Arcana - Hare Brained Schemes. Wasteman kickstarter.
GMT Dambusters. Jupiter Rescue.   
Across the Dead Earth - Dead Earth Games. Feldherr Carry Case. Relic Knights - Ninja Division/Soda Pop Miniatures.

Flight Sim 2015. Nordic Awards. Mage Company need Helpers at Spiel Essen. GTAV Music. Sengir Industries.
Looney Labs Podcast News.
Great Paper Magazine with News & Games to play TWJO. Basildon Warboyz gaming club.

WARLORDS of DRAENOR - A feature on World of Warcraft.  EARTHCORE BETA  REGISTER HERE   or  EMAIL for details   
Hearthstone: Blizzard's New TCG Online. Darkout beta. Dust 514. Guild Wars 2. Invictus.

WORLD of WARCRAFT: Online Event CALL to ARMS Friday May 22nd-Monday May 25th

Essex Warriors: The Essex Warriors Open Day 2015 TBA  usually September and 10am-4pm

DragonMeet London New Venue IBIS HOTEL, EARLS COURT December  2015 TBA 

UKGamesExpo Birmingham 29th - 31st May Metropole Hotel  LOONEYLABS Andy & Kristin will be there as will many from Mayfair Games

SPIEL ESSEN 2015 - OCTOBER 08th - 11th  Spiel Website     "Please check "Specials"      Email:

Gen Con Indy  GenCon Indy Website    Future Dates:  
July 30 – August 2, 2015   August 4-7, 2016   August 17-20, 2017   August 2-5, 2018  August 1-4, 2019  July 30 – August 2, 2020

Midnight Syndicate Music for Gamers    Midnight Syndicate Live Youtube Video   Fan Musings and Music



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