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Costa Rica  Mystic Vale  Churchill  
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CVlizations  Waste Knights  Through the Ages   Champions of Midgard. Histrio    Game of Trains    Animals On Board.  

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Level Up Movie  The Dwarvenaut (with Stefan's postscript)    Warcraft Movie  Prima Books April. Veto Lark.

Rifts Heroes of Humanity   Harn   Achtung Cthulhu Skirmish.  Achtung Cthulhu Bundle. 
Leagues of Gothic Horror. Bizantium. The Emerald Spire.   Palladium Books Harn Map  
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Shards of Fate  Black Desert First Look.   WARLORDS of DRAENOR - A feature on World of Warcraft.

Czech Games Links  Railroad Revolution English Rules  Able Gamers Tiltify Charity Event  The Dwarvenaut (my view) 
Translate into Wookiee     Thrustmaster New Throttles  Zombies Music The Autumn Fair  
Generalship Revised Rules   Asmodee's Acquisitions 
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Essex Warriors: The Essex Warriors Open Day  Sunday September 25th  2016  Writtle Village Hall  Essex 10am-4pm All Welcome - participation games and other fun games. A lovely day out for all (games playing) ages. GGO will be at this event.Writtle Village  -  The village and civil parish of Writtle lies 1 mile west of Chelmsford, Essex, England. It has a traditional village green complete with duck pond and a Norman church 

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Essex Legion: The Essex Legion is a games club in Hornchurch, Essex. We have pre-organised gaming, as well as free tables so you can just turn up and play. Head to facebook for more details, even join the group.    

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