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Swiggers: games club that meets every Wednesday evening, upstairs at The Shipwright’s Arms, 88 Tooley Street, London SE1 2TF (a few minutes’ walk from London Bridge station). 
Games Games Games Days: from noon(-ish) on the second Saturday of most months at the Allsop Arms (137 Gloucester Place, London NW1 5AL). The pub has an extensive menu as well as good beer and is convenient for Baker Street and Marylebone stations and a short walk from Bond Street Tube station.
MidCon: November 2017 at the Hallmark Hotel in Derby. MidCon is a friendly board games convention in a decent hotel. 
OddConUK XI: Friday 13th October - Sunday 15th October.  OddConUK is the only fully inclusive UK games convention that provides the following for on-site residents:  
Accommodation - INCLUDED   Breakfast - INCLUDED   Evening Meal - INCLUDED  Games - INCLUDED  Access to 24-hour bar

Pegasus Spiele Club Day

Nordic Game Malmo Sweden 2017

Mayfair Games News and Volunteers Wanted

UKGE TRADE HALL, ROOM Plans, Syrinscape    UKGE  Food
UKGE Seminars etc  UKGE Ticketing  UKGE Update  UKGE 2017 Now Live   UKGE 2017 TICKET PRICES
UKGE is Building a CLUB list to HELP all GAMERS Please contact them   UKGE Bring n BUy Submissions Open

Essex Warriors: The Essex Warriors Open Day  Sunday September 24th 2017  Writtle Village Hall  Essex 10am-4pm All Welcome - participation games and other fun games. A lovely day out for all (games playing) ages. GGO will be at this event.Writtle Village  -  The village and civil parish of Writtle lies 1 mile west of Chelmsford, Essex, England. It has a traditional village green complete with duck pond and a Norman church 

UKGamesExpo    Birmingham  June 2017    NEC Hall 1 and NEC Hilton Hotel.  HOTELS for UKGE  

SALUTE at ExCel London 22nd April 2017  South London Warlords

SPIEL ESSEN 2016  Chat & Pix (GGO)  SPIEL 2016 by the Organisers

Essen 2017: OCTOBER 26th - 29th  Spiel Website   Email: info@merz-verlag.com

GenCon Indy   50th Anniversary  August 17-20, 2017   August 2-5, 2018  August 1-4, 2019  July 30 – August 2, 2020

Essex Legion: The Essex Legion is a games club in Hornchurch, Essex. We have pre-organised gaming, as well as free tables so you can just turn up and play. Head to facebook for more details, even join the group.    

Midnight Syndicate Music for Gamers    Midnight Syndicate Live Youtube Video   Fan Musings and Music     

To Win Just Once Magazine Games, Reviews and Chat      

For more extensive information on UK board games events, try The Queen’s Lane Advertiser      

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